Adolescent Treatment

Inpatient Services for Teens

Heritage Oaks Hospital provides inpatient care to teens, ages 13–17. Services begin with an initial assessment, diagnosis and rapid stabilization of acute psychiatric and/or substance abuse problems, followed by a smooth transition to less intensive, appropriate levels of follow-up care and support for the teen.

What to expect during inpatient treatment:

  • Structured, therapeutic environment

  • Intensive physician involvement and oversight

  • Individualized treatment planning

  • Therapeutic groups and educational classes addressing co-occurring psychiatric and substance use disorders

  • Coordination and discharge planning with outpatient services, community providers, outside agencies, family members and your insurance provider

Help Is a Phone Call Away

If you or a loved one may be in need of behavioral health treatment, call Heritage Oaks Hospital at 916-489-3336. No cost assessments are available 24/7.

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